A Management Consulting Firm Trusted by Executives


John Hughes

Independent Consultant, KAJE International

I consider Kevin truly exceptional as an executive coach and placement professional. Kevin is well connected within the media/entertainment/advertising industries and understands these businesses better than most in his profession. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with Kevin and look forward to a continued relationship for many years into the future.

Dave Powell

CEO, SandOaks LLC

“Hand and Associates does a great great job at ensuring that clients build and execute the talent plans that set them on the path to success. The insight and expertise Kevin and his team bring to the table is immensely valuable.”

Larry Johnson

Human Resource Director, Maverick Natural Resources LLC

“We have been working with Hand & Associates for well over ten years utilizing their outplacement services.  We’ve experienced quite a few layoffs over the last few years as our company went through bankruptcy and then transformation upon emergence.  The feedback from our former employees who participated in the programs was nothing but excellent.  Kevin and his staff were very skilled at handling people in a professional manner and had an approach that was positive and helpful.  As a result, I would highly recommend Hand & Associates.”

Adrienne Gary

SVP Organizational Strategy & Administration, Miramax

Hand & Associates, a dynamic consulting practice, supports a myriad of business requirements from career transition to organizational strategy.  Their unique philosophy that is hands- on with clients in multi industries provides appropriate attention to their client needs. I have used all of their lines of business and I can tell you I’ve never been disappointed.

Lorna Hagen

EVP, Chief People Officer, iHeartMedia

Hand and Associates is always my first choice when faced with a challenging search. Kevin and his company have taken the time to understand our business and how it is evolving in order to find the candidates who will be best suited to joining a hybrid-like organization. His dedication, style, and manner make it effortless to work with him, and he is truly a partner.

Arthur Salyer

Executive in Residence, University of California, Riverside

Kevin is one of the most connected people I have met in the media/entertainment business. He is particularly strong in his “inside” relationships with media service companies. He is generous with his time with those who are networking in the business and gives good and pragmatic advice. He is a strong effective recruiter. Anyone in the media and entertainment business should make it a point to know him.

Chris Celano

President and CEO, IHI E&C International Corporation

Hand & Associates established a rapport with me immediately, diagnosed certain gaps in my leadership strengths and set to task identifying the ideal support personnel for me. The exact matching of personalities and skill sets between me and my thought partner at Hand & Associates was as customized and as natural as an expert pairing of fine wine with supper. Through such partnering I have successfully prioritized tasks and initiatives, refined our corporate strategy, reevaluated my management team dynamics, and bridged cultural divides in ways that have been far more successful and effective than before. Equipped with your firm’s tools and insights, I have articulated our future objectives and plans, developed our roadmap to achieve them, and possess the renewed confidence to promote the transparency so vital to an organization during its evolution and maturity.

Jay Di Silvetri

Client Technical Profesional, IBM

Kevin is very good at what he does. He is an outstanding manager and seeks to ensure that every detail is done correctly, and on time. Moreover, Kevin has outstanding people skills and can work effectively with both High Level executives, and staff members to achieve a desired result. Kevin is an asset to any endeavor.”

Ross Pollack

Chief Human Resources Officer, Lionsgate

Kevin’s outplacement team has always provided outstanding service to Lionsgate and been very effective in assisting our former employees to transition to new roles. Hand & Associates is an important partner to our Human Resources department here at Lionsgate.

Jim Tierney

Chief Operating Officer, Exer More Than Urgent Care

I met Kevin ten years ago when I was heading HR for Sony Picture Entertainment’s Digital Studio Division. He has been a great business colleague and advisor. He has a wonderful, professional and cordial communication style, and he has a huge network of senior level executives in the LA area, New York, and beyond. Kevin is very well versed in both HR and general business matters, and Hand & Associates is excellent. Kevin and his team are terrific at executive search, executive coaching, and outplacement consulting. I highly recommend working with Kevin and Hand & Associates.”