Executive Search

Acquiring High-Impact Players is an Art.

Strategic & Precise

Blueprint for a Better Process: Search for Success®

The intangible costs of securing and training new executives can have more significant economic effects on an organization than the upfront cost of a search. Disruption of organizational dynamics, absence of decision-making, and workflow interruptions – these and myriad other factors can destroy productivity and morale.


A high touch Executive Search process is essential when hiring and onboarding executives. With our unique Search for Success® process, we create a cultural and organizational blueprint for an institution through a series of interviews, surveys, and analyses. These blueprints are considered when evaluating the qualifications of a candidate to ensure the goodness of fit. In addition, Search for Success® includes 100 days of complimentary coaching to assist the new hire during their transition. These first 100 days often determine the success of an individual, thus making additional support during this time paramount.

Introducing our proprietary blueprint for Executive Search: Search For Success®

Search For Success® uses a proven three-step process:

  1. Advantage Consulting®– Defines the substantive skills that a chosen candidate will need to ensure a successful launch in their new position within the corporation.
  2. Selection – Design questions and criteria for our search professionals to use as blueprints to aid them in their research and evaluation efforts. Candidates are then selected who have the capabilities to interchange between the different layers of an organization to ensure a proper fit.
  3. Strategic Coaching – A professional coach will work with the top candidate as a guide and advisor to help the candidate succeed in establishing an effective administration of duties and responsibilities. With this strategic coaching, starting on their first day of work and continuing for their first 100 days, any issues or questions will be addressed efficiently and effectively.

The Result – Improved Dynamics!

When developing an understanding of the components of a position, we assess:

  • Operational and political support for the position

  • Obstacles that can prevent a candidate from providing leadership and addressing immediate concerns

  • Expectations from the candidate’s supervisors, clients, and other stakeholders

  • Elements that can derail a candidate from rapid assimilation into the organization

  • Organizational culture and potential for the candidate to be a change agent