Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching philosophy is to target the practical issues that confront executives.


Customized & Comprehensive

At Hand & Associates, our Executive Coaching projects are tailored to address the specific needs of the individual while remaining considerate of organizational requirements. This philosophy better prepares leaders for the ever-changing business world. Rather than relying on a “one size fits all” approach, we invest time in understanding an individual’s strengths, personality traits, and success motivators. With this comprehensive profile, we create a customized program that employs effective tools and benchmarks to elevate them to a higher level of performance.

Our Programs

Behavioral Coaching

Work with positive and negative attributes to optimize behavioral, interpersonal, and relational skills.

Performance Coaching

Identify and enhance performance competencies and personal strengths to improve people management, mentoring, time management, delegation, decision-making, and team development skills.

Business Culture

Help create an environment in an organization that enables executives to be effective.

Developmental Coaching

Take an executive to the “next level” by aligning personal presence and interpersonal skills with business goals.

Coaching Is An Investment In Your Future.