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Hand & Associates introduces a new concept in Executive search, Search For Success. By combining search with professional coaching, Search for Success is designed to ensure that the candidates you select for key positions will be of the highest caliber and will have the benefit of professional coaching to ensure a very rapid and positive takeoff in their new position.

The actual cost of securing, training and ramping-up new executives can be quite  staggering. The intangible and actual non-economic costs, including the disruption of one’s organizational dynamics, absence of decision – making and planning, and disruption to the workflow process in general can have a far greater economic affect on an organization than the upfront monetary cost of a search. All of these factors can combine to result in low or poor morale issues with the staff and those involved in the hiring process.

Thus the need for an improved search process that offers a reliable way to ensure a secure and productive introduction for the new executive is essential.

The concept of fitting a round peg into a round hole is often used to describe the search for a new executive. The problem with this concept is that it pre-supposes you understand not only the composition of the head of the peg, but also the stem portion or the part of the peg that interacts with the hole. In other words, just because the obvious parts of “the fit” look right, that does not ensure that the daily interaction between the stem, symbolizing the capabilities and temperament of the selectee, will interact well with the hole, which symbolizes the various interactions that lie beneath the obvious.

Search for Success works to ensure that both the obvious and beneath the surface “fits” are addressed and met by the candidates we submit.

The answer lies in Hand & Associates ADVANTAGE COACHING, a component of our Search For Success Program . The process begins with blueprinting your organization to analyze, evaluate, and detect both the opportunities and stumbling blocks that lie beneath the line of sight. Through interviews and, if feasible and advantageous, surveys and assessments, we will prepare a literal blueprint identifying the elements of the position.

The Interview Process

These include:

  • The structure of operational and political support for the position.
  • Identification of elements that can derail the selectee from a rapid assimilation into the organization and from effectively utilizing their talents to provide leadership and address immediate opportunities and concerns.
  • Expectations from the candidate’s supervisor, constituency and clients.
  • The culture of the organization including identification of its norms and expectations for the selectee to be a change agent.

With the information gained from this blueprinting process our team of coaches and business executives will develop a reference document to be utilized to assure that the best-equipped individuals are presented.

Search for Success becomes a success for both the organization and the candidate.