Executive Transition

At Hand & Associates, we are elevating human resources consulting to a higher level. In our outplacement  program, we provide highly focused and effective solutions in a time when the business environment is changing daily.
We know the inevitables. Personal issues, restructuring, downsizing, and relocations are all realities of business. Our goal is to help companies positively address such changes, allowing them to remain focused on their normal business activities.

Career Moves
At the same time, we assist the affected employees by facilitating the transition to new, fulfilling opportunities. Using our coaches’ personal guidance skills, technical expertise, and advanced job search  techniques, Hand & Associates coaches and staff prepare clients for the current job market.
Additionally, our executive coaching programs offer management and development services to help companies adapt to the changing business climate. This includes providing the tools necessary to maximize management effectiveness.
Our dedicated team and specialized programs distinguish us as a company whose foremost purpose is to care for its clientele, without reservation or condition.
A Job Seeker’s Guide
Kevin Hand’s book, “A Job Seeker’s Guide: Timeless Principles in Difficult Times,” gives top tear recruiter’s tips on: resume writing, cover letters, success stories, networking, interviewing and negotiating employment compensation techniques. This book is based on timeless rather than faddish principles. It will be the go-to guide for Hand & Associates Executives in transition.